Welcome to balletbarre recreational where the aim is FUN and BASIC technique...These students are unlikely to be our future ballerinas but this non formal pathway will gently introduced basic ballet fundamentals and basic technique.

Unifoms are optional for babyballet student (we ask the correct colours are worn by the students) and complulsory for balletbarre recreational students. For both babyballet and balletbarre these can be purchased/ordered through reception.

Uniform colours are

  • babyballet are pastel blue and pink
  • balletbarre are bright red uniform, unifomr skirt, tights pumps
  • Jazz/Tap black leggings, Red MDS student T shirt appropriate footwear.

SOME FURTHER REQUIREMENTS FOR balletbarre recreational

  • WATER BOTTLES MUST BE BOUGHT EVERY CLASS (or parents will be contacted to bring the student water or if parent is not contactable then student will be sat out of class at expense of parents)
  • More details in parent/student handbook


Tinies (18 months to 3 years)

Introducing toddlers to the basics of ballet through movement, play and song.

Toddlers and young children are encouraged to further develop and explore their ability to move, dance and sing in our Tinies classes. Still with their main carer by their side, these fun classes involve lots of smiles and laughter - the perfect toddler dance class! The little ones love the dances and catchy songs – and so do the adults!

Movers (3 and 4 years)

Encouraging pre-school children to use their imagination while learning basic ballet skills through enhanced movement and song.

Focusing on developing gross motor skills, basic ballet, rhythm and confidence, this class helps children feel comfortable with their own natural ability and their surroundings. Increased dancing and imagination are learnt in a fun environment with singing along to music, helping to build basic principles and social skills that will serve them well as they approach school age.

Movers can also join our Tappers classes!

Groovers (4 to 6 years)

Improving coordination, self-control and ballet technique for school age children in a non-competitive environment.

This class takes children of school age to a higher level of musical ability, balance, posture and confidence – and is designed for children who love to dance and learn ballet, but don't want to feel intimidated by joining a competitive class.  Classes are welcoming, fun and a fantastic way to learn new dance routines and technique without any pressure. 

Groovers can also join our Tappers classes!

Tappers (3 years +)

A fantastic form of exercise for children who love to make a noise in their tap shoes!

At this upbeat, fun class, children aged from 3 upwards will learn basic tap steps and routines set to catchy songs. Some of our schools also offer the option of combining this class with other babyballet classes. -



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Twinkles (7-8 years)

Twinkles, is the start of Balletbarre, a fantastic transition from babyballet. Twinkles builds on the foundations learn't in the babyballet program introducing step combinations while learning the poise, confidence and gracefulness of a ballet dancer.Twinkles, teaches the children to connect steps and starts to teach technique fundamentals.

Sparkles (8-9yrs) – includes mime time

Balletbarre Sparkles is the introduction of barre and centre work. Students learn to connect steps together to form miniature dances with lots of focus on introducing formal technique. The next layer of technique, steps and combinations builds their basic understanding of the complexities of ballet

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Stars (9-10yrs) – includes mime time

Our budding Stars are ready to learn more about ballet. Balletbarre stars offers further studies of Classical Ballet techniques in this class as the children have a higher understanding of their body and its movement. There is further study on step connection and combinations. Students thrive in this class as it is not only gently challenging and more in-depth but keeps in line with our safe, supportive and fun environment.

Show Stoppers (10-11yrs)  

Stop the show - look at us now!  We have learnt so much and dance so beautifully.

Building on lower levels of the recreational program the students will be introduced to further complexities and techniques taking their ballet to the next level.

This is the last of the Balletbarre lower levels for the children. After this they would have basic to intermediate understanding of classical ballet


Balletbarre recreational Jazz and Tap

Please Note - these classes require 1 x classical class from the recreational ballet syllabus for safe dance and muscle conditioning.


balletbarre – Jazz 1

Dancers will learn the basic steps of jazz dance with turns, kicks, and leap steps along with popular simple rhythm techniques and fun expression. We use fun, popular and age appropriate music.

balletbarre – Jazz 2

Building on Jazz 1 foundations, more intrcancies and movement progression will be introduced.  Using fun music a range of jazz styles/interpretation students will study and learn progressively complex cominations and choreographies.


balletbarre – Tap 1

This progressive course will introduce students to the fundamental tap steps, rhythms, musicality and so much more.  Tap shoes are required by the third class.


balletbarre – Tap 2

There are countless techniques that are very specific for progression to the next level.  Take your tapping to the next level! We will build upon Tap 1 basic movement steps and use your tap dance skills teaching you progression and taking your tap dacning to the next level.