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Balletbarre Professional – The Graduation Program

The balletbarre graduate program will define and mould the students towards the ballerina’s and ballet dancers of tomorrow. It is here their journey to professional begins. Shaping and guiding the dancers of tomorrow through their steps and movements. Each exercise, movement and step are now more complex with attention to longer and harder combinations and more intricate technical training.

From the beginning of the balletbarre graduate program to the end the students will learn everything they need to become the professional dancers of tomorrow and even if they decide to change their course what they have learnt will be with them for life.

Unifoms are compulsory for balletbarre professional students (ballet/jazz/tap/contemporary/lyrical) - these can be purchased/ordered through reception.

Uniform colors are

  • balletbarre classical are red and black leotard with uniform ballet skirt
  • balletbarre tap/jazz/lyrical/contemporary red MDS student t-shirt black dance leggings appropriate shoes


  • WATER BOTTLES MUST BE BOUGHT EVERY CLASS (or parents will be contacted to bring the student water or if parent is not contactable then student will be sat out of class at expense of parents)
  • More details in parent/student handbook


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Toddler/Pre Primary/Primary (3-6yrs)

These classes are the introduction for ballet and the balletbarre syllabus. The focus of these classes is the basic introduction to ballet foundations including technique, musicality, basic choreography plus alot more then adding a spoonful of fun so the children are not only being challenged but enjoying themselves aswell.

Singing, Dancing, Twirling, Giggles and Smiles...


Floorbarre A (6yrs+)

This is the first level in the Balletbarre Professional pathway.  Floor-barre A is an introduction to ballet fundamentals using a floorbarre method to learn control/placement of movement, correct alignment as it develops key muscles. It relieves stress on joints. It strengthens balance, core and helps with coordination.


Floorbarre B (6yrs+)

This is the second level in the Balletbarre Professional pathway.  Floor-barre B is the progression to floor-barre A.  Building on the fundamentals of the previous level students will layer further complexities of movement and ballet technique learning control/placement of movement, correct alignment, strengthen, balance, and core development in preparation for standing and barre work.

Barre (9yrs+)

Building on previous technique, muscle conditionoing and foundations in the floorbarre levels, Barre introduces students to the ballet barre and allows the students to utilise the floorbarre techniques in a standing posisiton building on the base physiology, strength and conditiomning.


balletbarre – Pre Grad 1 (12yrs+)

(equivalent to Pre Elementary/Elementary)

In balletbarre pre-graduate 1, detail to technique and the fundamentals of how the body is working to acquire the technique is a standard part of the class. Students learn basic Pointe (girls) (boys do on demi pointe for ankle strengthening and some saute), Pas de Deux, Choreography skills and improvisation. Boys will also learn basic strength exercises to execute the required Pas de Deux partner work for this level (Prominade, Finger Pirouette and Partnered Balance entournent).


balletbarre – Pre Grad 2 (13yrs+)

(equivalent to Elementary/Intermediate)

balletbarre pre-graduate 2 requires the students to have complete knowledge of their major bones and muscle groups (see Glossary).

The skill level in balletbarre graduate 2 is more complex and the expectations of the students far greater. Dedication is also paramount from here up as students need to invest more of their time and energy to achieve the required standard.


balletbarre – Pre Grad 3 (14yrs+)

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(equivalent to Advanced)

balletbarre pre - graduate 3 is the last training level prior to graduation. This is the unltimate in training in all aspects for the students. Every exercise, movement or step is pulled apart and put back together to ensure correct execution and precise technique. All steps and combinations’ are more performance orientated with a large emphasis on presentation, flow and ability to breathe through all movements with ease and grace

balletbarre - OLIVER GRADUATION SHIELD (15+)

This is the final graduation level of the balletbarre syllabus.

THE OLIVER GRADUATION SHIELD named after the founder and writer of the balletbarre syllabus Fiona Oliver, it requires the pre - graduates to create a performance which they choreograph, design the costume/s, lighting and sets for their own works which can include additional dancers as the corps - but they must be the principal in.

The performance will be done in a theatre setting in front of an audience and a panel of judges.

This performance aspect of balletbarre - Oliver Graduation Sheild gives the pre-gradutes the opportunity to apply all of their knowledge to date and lastly explore their creativity to the fullest...We in the audience should see a little glimpse of who they are...

The student with the highest mark across all areas will be presented with the shield.


Balletbarre Professional Tap and Jazz

Please Note - these classes require min 1 x classical ballet classes for the balletbarre professional syllabus and 1 x classical class for recreational ballet syllabus for safe dance and muscle conditioning.

balletbarre – Jazz 1

Dancers will learn the basic steps of jazz dance with turns, kicks, and leap steps along with popular simple rhythm techniques and fun expression. We use fun, popular and age appropriate music.


balletbarre – Jazz 2

Building on Jazz 1 foundations, more intrcancies and movement progression will be introduced.  Using fun music a range of jazz styles/interpretation students will study and learn progressively complex cominations and choreographies.


balletbarre – Jazz 3

Final progression Jazz 3, This skill set addresses the skills, knowledge and performance requirements for advanced level jazz dance from performing to choreography and commercial dancing.


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balletbarre – Tap 1

This progressive course will introduce students to the fundamental tap steps, rhythms, musicality and so much more.  Tap shoes are required by the third class.


balletbarre – Tap 2

There are countless techniques that are very specific for progression to the next level.  Take your tapping to the next level! We will build upon Tap 1 basic movement steps and use your tap dance skills teaching you progression and taking your tap dacning to the next level.


balletbarre – Tap 3

Tap 3 is  Advanced to Professional Tap work you will sharpen skills such as stamina, speed, clarity, tone, listening, complex choreography and much more. You will be challenged in this class.