The Midland Dance Studios inception was August 2014 by Tabetha Vagliviello and Fiona Oliver and resides at 1st floor 8 Stafford St Midland Western Australia.

Mother and daughter team Fiona Oliver and Tabetha Vagliviello started working together back in the early 2003 years with a popular Dance/Fitness class at the old Mahogany Creek Hall in the Perth Hills named Pas De Vedure

In 2006 we had built up and progressed from hiring a hall in the hills to opening a studio in Midland WA(Orpheans Dance and Fitness studios). Hours of renovations to make the space something our students were proud of.

It wasn’t until July of 2014 that they stumbled across what is now the very big and state of the art Midland Dance Studios boasting 2 magnificent 120 square meters of sprung wooden dance floors with mirrors and barres.

Fiona Retired in October 2017, Tabetha has taken the reigns and looks forward to continuing to inspire students young and old long into the future...


                                                                                  WELCOME TO MIDLAND DANCE STUDIOS