Photo by Suzy Oliveira/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Suzy Oliveira/iStock / Getty Images

Midland Dance Studios Philosophy     

Midland Dance Studios offers a place where students can learn to dance whilst having fun in a safe supportive environment.  Emphasis on maintaining high technique standards whilst continuing to foster the love and joy our students derive from dancing is our main objective.  We offer a dance program with suitable options for a variety of  levels  and styles for the dance enthusiast.  


  • Provide  a dance studio with a warm, supportive atmosphere
  • Assist each student to find their personal best in dance
  • Encourage and support creativity, artistic expression,  and the joy of dance and music.
  • Strive to maintain high standards of technique and excellence in dance.
  • Cater to each students needs and ability.
  • Create accessibility for all age groups and backgrounds for dance training
  • Preserve and protect cultural/folkloric performing arts
  • Provide regular performance opportunities for dance students
  • Fitness/weight loss classes with personalized attention