Baby Bellies - Childrens Bellydance

Introduction to bellydance in a stylish and sophisticated manner.  Combining movement, dance basics, and music. A great way to build gross motor skills, co-ordination and socialisation skills from a young age whilst having fun dancing. The kids are taught in a friendly environment in a way that they learn rhythm, coordination, and also the ability to build their confidence with new dancing skills. ..Dont forget FUN and PRETTY COSTUMES

End of year recital optional and costumes will always cover children's mid drift



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Mother Daughter Belly dance Class

Learn how to shimmy and shake in this fun 1 hour class for mothers and daughters of all ages.

Join Zahara and learn some basic dance steps that will take you out of your comfort zone and into the fun zone! All moves will tastefully showcase the art of belly dancing whilst encouraging the true spirit of the dance sharing moments, music, fun, laughter across generations.  Women and girls dancing together and for each other...



Enjoy a Coffee/Tea sweet treat and wiggle and a giggle with a friend!
The first 1/2 hr is a light morning tea and catch up with friends from academy or class
Have fun, get fit and make new friends as you learn the basic moves of belly dance. Learn to dance with the veil and other props.
Bring out the Goddess within you! This course can be enjoyed by women of all ages.

Beginners Bellydance

This class is designed as a continuation from the 12 week beginner course but you can attend if you have not participated in the course.

Join other belly curious ladies in the Basic Beginners class – be gently guided through basic belly dance movements broken down in a step by step fashion to aid better understanding of movement and flow.




Have you always wanted to try belly dancing but not known where to start? Start here with a basic beginner’s course!
Week by week curriculum covering: Basic belly dance principles and poses, core movements, beginner travel steps, hands, arms and upper body movements, elegance and expression…
No previous dance experience needed!
You will get:
  • 12 x 1hr classes
  • 1 Course manual
  • 1 Practice CD
  • Awaken the dancer within you!
Have Fun and Feel Good!

Please note: No refunds are given as each paid placement is held for participant for the duration of the course



Folkloric Bellydance

This class focuses on community Folkloric styles of bellydance.  

Folkloric" covers all of the more "authentic" or "older" styles of dance from the communities of various regions of the middle east.  Some of these these styles were made very popular by the Reda Troupe who used various folkloric styles and reproduced them for stage and they were audience friendly, although no longer "authentic" as they were changed or exaggerated for stage performances.

We will explore a variety of folk styles from Hagalla, Fellahi, Saidii, Beladi, to Debke, Shaabi, Zorba and Persian to name a few.

Study of various regions will also be covered from Turkish, Greece to Egypt, Morocco and more.  Guest teachers who specialise in certain styles will be invited to present classes from time to time.

Level - Progressive beginners to advanced




This class is designed as a continuation from the progressive beginners class. It will introduce more complex and layered movements that will be developed into more intricate choreography. Intricate steps and patterns will be explored as we the look at aspects of classical, folkloric, traditional and cabaret dance styles together with an introduction to various props i.e. zills, sticks and veils, and start building your strength for more advanced movements. This is a solid introduction to Middle Eastern music and dance that focuses on correct dance
posture, foundation movements and basic combinations, all of which are combined into choreography for you to learn.
Minimum Pre Requisite:
Completion 12 week basic beginners course preferred but not mandatory


Advanced classes focus on improving technique to a higher level. Students are encouraged to develop their own unique style and interpretation of the music, as well as complex isolations and layering of movement. Prop work such as stick and sword are studied to a master level along with improvisation, development of advanced choreographies, solo work and professional performance level skills.  This is the launching pad to a professional solo career!

Minimum Pre Requisite : Attendance of intermediate dance classes
(Approx. 2yr + belly dance training recommended)



Students enrolled in the intermediate/Advanced classes can join the beginner classes on Saturday to reinforce and practice base technique to ensure high quality performance standard


This is a fun exploration of different styles of dance mixed with bellydance. We use all types of music from top 20 to neo classical. Whole range of prop work/skills and styles will be discovered with different applications this will be artistic dance at its best
We are limited by our imagination and artistry...