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Intro To Singing And Acting

Juniors (5-8yrs old)

Children will be introduced to the foundations of singing and acting in a safe and supportive environment with an emphasis on building their confidence, creative expression and allowing them to discover their own uniqueness.

Lots of fun singing and laughter

May include theater games from time to time

Singing And Acting


This class is aimed at further increasing the confidence and creative expression of the children in singing and acting.  The children will build on the foundation taught in the juniors class or if they are new will introduce them to singing and acting.  

This will also prepare the children for the more advanced techniques and will be expressive crazy fun....


In this unique combination class participants will be taught core acting skills that will enable them to unlock their own unique potential and allow them to rise to and triumph over any challenges set by future performance work....

SINGING? You do not need to be able to sing....students will be given vocal tuition that will allow them to access greater range, dynamic and clarity in any situation- be it stage, film or even music theater.

Students will be given improvisational skills that will expand their imagination and develop their self-confidence. They will be trained in techniques which include Laban and mask work to develop strong and exciting characters.

 They will undertake scene work that will develop their skills as dramatic and comedic actors. Most of all they will learn to celebrate who they are as adaptable and creative people.

Theatrical, musical and FUN...



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