What is balletbarre?

Balletbarre is a non-competitive ballet program where school age children can learn classical ballet in a safe, supportive and fun environment - no matter size, weight, shape or learning abilities.

Each class designed to maximise fun, enjoyment, confidence and friendships whilst still learning the complex fundamentals of classical ballet with an emphasis on safe dance practices.

With a focus on developing each child’s abilities and not making them fit into stereotypes our balletbarre stars will develop in amazing individuals and dancers.

balletbarre examinations and recitals are optional - balletbarre has 2 learning pathways

Non-Formal progression - where children pass each level by obtaining a participation certificate for completion once they demonstrate they can pass learning outcomes.  This is assessed in day to day class situations by their teacher in a non-confrontation style.

Formal progression – where children advance to the next level by participating in formal examinations. This pathway is advisable for those wishing for professional ballet or dancing careers and will help with preparation for auditions and other formal requirements for the aspiring professional.

Both learning pathways will receive the same content but we are very mindful that every child progresses in their own individual time. Whilst some children thrive in examination conditions others may not. 

Some children are shy, not ready or do not possess the confidence to follow the formal ballet pathway due to fear and anxiety they are not able shine to their full potential.  The balletbarre non-formal progression allows these children to shine with brilliance in their own way and they will be less likely to stop dancing, but will thrive, enjoy and love their ballet journey and experience all the more.

Recital participation is also not compulsory but based on how the child feels and if they are ready.

We believe by providing a beautiful supportive environment for the children to learn classical ballet, they will continue their journey much longer, retain more information, strive forward with increased self-confidence to shine like the true stars we know they are….

balletbarre - Twinkles (7 to 8 yrs)

Twinkles, is the start of balletbarre, a fantastic transition from babyballet. Twinkles builds on the foundations learnt in the babyballet program introducing step combinations while learning the poise, confidence and gracefulness of a ballet dancer. Twinkles, teaches the children to connect steps and starts to teach technique fundamentals. Class also includes basic mime for imagination play and development of theatricality to further increase confidence and self expression.


balletbarre - Sparkles (8 to 9yrs)

Balletbarre Sparkles is the introduction of barre and center work. Students learn to connect steps together to form miniature combinations of steps with lots of focus on introducing formal technique. The next layer of technique, steps and combinations builds their basic understanding of the complexities of ballet. Continuation of mime and theatrics are also studied.

balletbarre - Stars (9 to 10yrs)

Our budding Stars are ready to learn more about ballet. Balletbarre stars offers further studies of Classical Ballet techniques in this class as the children have a higher understanding of their body and its movement. There is further study on step connection and combinations. Students thrive in this class as it is not only gently challenging and more in-depth but keeps in line with our safe, supportive and fun environment.

balletbarre - Show Stoppers (10-11yrs)

Stop the show…….look at us now. We have learnt so much and dance so beautifully. This is the last of the Balletbarre lower levels for the children and contains invaluable training for the next step The Graduates Program. The show stoppers will give children the tools for the upper grades in technique, training and performing. Moving up from  show stoppers means we are ready for the big stuff.

balletbarre – Graduate Program

Will start to define and mold the students towards the ballerina’s and ballet dancers of tomorrow.  It is here their journey to professional begins. shaping and guiding the dancers of tomorrow through their steps and movements.

balletbarre Graduation Prep 11-12yrs

balletbarre graduation prep is the essential technique defining class which is compulsory for the  examination stream (formal progression) students.

This prep is made up of floor barre (laying down), sitting and some standing exercises. All of the exercises, movements and steps in the balletbarre graduation prep are specifically designed to tailor and define technique, correct any postural problems, give solid core stability and can be rehabilitative to some problems,

balletbarre graduation prep will give the examination students the necessary tools and technique for the upper graduation grades.

balletbarre graduation prep is also available to non-examination (non-formal progression) students if they simply want to improve on their skills

balletbarre – Graduate Program 13yrs up

The balletbarre graduate program will define and mould the students towards the ballerina’s and ballet dancers of tomorrow. It is here their journey to professional begins. Shaping and guiding the dancers of tomorrow through their steps and movements. Each exercise, movement and steps are now more complex with attention to longer and harder combinations and more intricate technical training. From the beginning of the balletbarre graduate program to the end the students will learn everything they need to become the professional dancers of tomorrow and even if they decide to change their course what they have learnt will be with them for life.

balletbarre –Graduate 1 (equivalent to Pre Elementary/Elementary)

In balletbarre graduate 1, detail to technique and the fundamentals of how the body is working to acquire the technique is a standard part of the class. Students learn basic Pointe (girls) (boys do on demi pointe for ankle strengthening and some saute), Pas de Deux, Choreography skills and improvisation. Boys will also learn basic strength exercises to execute the required Pas de Deux partner work for this level (Prominade, Finger Pirouette and Partnered Balance entournent).

balletbarre –Graduate 2 (equivalent to Elementary/Intermediate)

balletbarre graduate 2 requires the students to have complete knowledge of their major bones and muscle groups (see Glossary).

The skill level in balletbarre graduate 2 is more complex and the expectations of the students far greater. Dedication is also paramount from here up as students need to invest more of their time and energy to achieve the required standard.

balletbarre –Graduate 3 (equivalent to Advanced)

balletbarre graduate 3 is the last training level prior to graduation. This is the untilmate in training in all aspects for the students. Every exercise, movement or step is pulled apart and put back together to ensure correct execution and precise technique. All steps and combinations’ are more performance orientated with a large emphasis on presentation, flow and ability to breathe through all movements with ease and grace

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balletbarre – Professional Advanced

This is the end of our journey together as teacher and student. balletbarre graduation means the students are now the dancers we all have worked so hard to become.

balletbarre graduation is a performance which the students choreograph, design costumes, lighting and sets for their own works.

The performance aspect of balletbarre graduation gives the students the most important tool of all ………………Their own accomplishment.