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BALLET FOR FUN (1.5yrs to 11yrs)

Welcome to balletbarre where the aim is FUN and BASIC technique...This non formal progressive pathway will gently introduced basic ballet fundamentals and basic technique.

Unifoms Compulsory for balletbarre recreational students. For both kindy ballet and balletbarre these can be purchased/ordered through reception.


Uniform colours are

  • balletbarre are black lace insert leotard, lace skirt, tights pumps

  • Jazz/Tap black leggings, Red MDS student T shirt + appropriate footwear.

Further requirements



  • WATER BOTTLES MUST BE BOUGHT EVERY CLASS (or parents will be contacted to bring the student water or if parent is not contactable then student will be sat out of class at expense of parents)

  • More details in parent/student handbook


Kindy Ballet level 1 & 2

These classes are the introduction for ballet and the balletbarre syllabus. The focus of these classes is the basic introduction to ballet foundations including technique, musicality, basic choreography plus alot more then adding a spoonful of fun so the children are not only being challenged but enjoying themselves aswell.

Singing, Dancing, Twirling, Giggles and Smiles...

Pre-Primary Ballet

Pre-Primary ballet is designed for students aged four to five years of age, ... the beginnings of the ballet technique in a creative and fun environment. Students will learn basic syllabus with musicality, basic choreography plus alot more

Primary Ballet level 1 & 2

Primary in Dance develop students' physical skills, stamina, creativity, expression, and musicality using a range of sounds and musical styles. This foundation prepares students for the transition to ballet and other dance genres at higher levels.